Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know that Project Africa (PA) is a legitimate volunteer travel company?

Project Africa is a registered Ghanaian based non-profit organization with incorporation number, 1936998. We have placed hundreds of volunteers in Ghana and many of these volunteers are active in sharing their experiences via Project Africa social media platforms, including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube. If you wish to talk to any PA staff member, please feel free to contact us and we will answer any queries or concerns you may have.

Why volunteer with Project Africa?

Project Africa was established to provide affordable, high quality and responsible volunteer programs for people wishing to volunteer in Ghana. The company is built on ten strong foundations that we aim to provide every volunteer with – Affordability, Responsibility, Support, Safety, Friendship, Need, Loyalty, trustworthy, Experience and Enjoyment. Visit our Why PA? page to learn more about why hundreds of volunteers choose to volunteer in Ghana with PA every year.

Why volunteer in Ghana?

Volunteering is founded on the concept of giving through the donation of your time, your skills, your energy, and often just simply your presence to help others in need. However, while volunteers have a tremendous effect on the people they work with, you will very rarely find a volunteer who feels they have given more than they have received. The lessons and benefits that a volunteer receives while volunteering in Ghana (Africa) are endless and can include increased self-confidence and social awareness, development of life skills, personal growth, friendship and building of independence. Furthermore, volunteering can help to enhance career prospects. Not only do volunteers increase their skill base, work experience and international contacts through volunteering in Ghana, employees often look favorably upon those who are willing to go outside of their comfort zone and give up their time to assist others especially here in Africa.

Why pay to volunteer?

As a Project Africa volunteer, you give up your time and your skills to assist in Africa (Ghana), therefore many people fail to see why they should also have to pay to volunteer. The Registration Fee you pay to volunteer in Ghana with Project Africa goes to PA in Ghana and is the fee that we receive to run PA and facilitate your volunteering trip and projects. The Program Fee is used to pay for the expenses associated with your stay in country, including airport pick-up, orientation, accommodation, food and staff support to ensure your volunteer program goes as smoothly as possible. All PA projects and operations are funded almost entirely by the Program Fees and therefore in order for the program to continue, it is imperative we charge volunteers for their airport pick-up, accommodation and meals. To see exactly what you receive for your fees, visit our Program Fees page.

How do I volunteer with PAV?

Visit our Application page for more details on how to volunteer in Ghana with PAV or simply apply online now.

Does PAV accept groups?

PAV does accept volunteer groups and if a group has 10 or more members, we can even arrange special projects and itineraries for groups. Every year, PAV hosts group volunteers from universities, schools, church groups and companies who participate in volunteers programs and Charity.

Can I volunteer with a friend(s) or a partner?

PAV accepts friends and couples who wish to volunteer together and we can ensure that you are placed in the same accommodation and project as a friend or partner, provided this is request prior to arrival on the program.

Can children under the age of 18 volunteer with PAV?

If a person is under the age of 18, it is not possible for them to volunteer Ghana on a PAV volunteer program alone. However, if they are volunteering as part of a group (with adult minders) or with a parent, guardian or family member (18 years or over) then this is acceptable.

Do I need specific skills or qualifications to volunteer?

Requirements vary from project to project, however for many of our projects, our only requirements are fluency in English and a willingness to learn. It is important to note that for the majority of our Medical and Health projects, volunteers must be qualified or training in a relevant medical field.

Is PAV a charity and does PAV accepts donations?

Project Africa Vision is a social NGO and a charity. PAV is focused on providing the most affordable, quality and responsible volunteer in Ghana opportunities available and due to the fact we are charity organisation, we accept donations and Sponsorships from volunteers, interns and any organisation. If a PAV volunteer or any organization wishes to make a donation to their volunteer placement, it is highly welcome. Your donation is invested as intended.

Why should I donate or Sponsor?

Project Africa Vision is a charity and not for profit organization, we are funded mainly by your donations and sponsorships, without them we would not be able to carry out our charity projects within deprived communities in Ghana. About 95% of donations and sponsorships go into charity projects while the remaining is for administrative cost.

It is the financial independence that will give us the freedom to set up projects wherever we consider will have the most impact. Therefore, Project Africa Vision needs help financially and materially to carry out its mission to fulfill its vision.

Fund raising, donations and sponsorships builds up a reserve of funds which will help the organization to keep operating and supporting projects during times when there are low numbers of volunteers.

Your donations and sponsorships make a positive difference to the lives of the people in the less endowed rural communities in both Ashanti and Brong Ahafo regions of Ghana.  Many people in the Ghana benefit from your contribution. Without you, none of this would be possible.

By contributing to Project Africa`s charity project, you invest in the entire community`s success.

Your donation is an additive process that yields results over time.

Is it compulsory for me to donate or sponsor as a volunteer?

 NO. It is NOT compulsory for one to donate or sponsor. Donations and sponsorships are free will and not compulsory for a volunteer or intern.

Can people from outside of Ghana volunteer with PAV?

Although PAV is based in Ghana, our intentions are to provide volunteering and internship services to foreigners who want to travel to Africa (Ghana) and offer help to the needy and less endowed rural communities, improve their personal growth and career development and make huge impacts in people`s life and the world in general.  About 99% of our volunteer travelers come from outside Ghana. PAV volunteers travel to our programs from a variety of countries; however we find the majority come from the Netherlands, United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia, China, New Zealand, Singapore, Mexico, France, Germany, Italy and Ireland.

Will I be working with other volunteers?

On almost all the PAV programs, volunteers should expect to be working with at least two to three other PAV volunteers. Some of our programs are flexible and if you wish to be placed alone, PAV may be able to accommodate this, however in most cases PAV volunteers live and work together.

Is travel insurance included in the Program Fee?

Travel insurance is mandatory in order to volunteer in Ghana. To keep costs as low as possible for volunteers, we do not include travel insurance in our fees.

How far in advance should I apply and register?

We do not have a deadline for volunteer applications and registrations, but our advice is the sooner the better. Once registered on a PAV program (by paying your Registration Fee), Program Manager will be in contact with you to answer any questions or concerns you may have and to collect all the required information from you before you depart. In addition to this you will be introduced to your program coordinator who will email you to welcome you on the program. To begin a very memorable and life changing experience with PA, please apply online and register as soon as possible.

Do I require a visa to travel to Ghana to volunteer in?

YES. You require visa to travel to Ghana. You can contact the Project Africa Vision team to provide guidance on where to find the information you require, or contact the Ghana embassy in your home country. you are traveling to. More information can be found in your Information for volunteers, Ghana Travel Guide page.

Will PAV provide a reference or act as a referee for me once I finish volunteering?Toggle Title

Project Africa Vision is ever ready to provide our volunteers with a letter of reference at the completion of their trip, upon request. Staffs of our local partner organizations, including the hospitals, clinics, orphanages and physically challenged homes, etc. are often happy to act as referees for past volunteers as well.

Accommodation and Meals

What are the accommodations and meals like?

Project Africa Vision has options of highly secured accommodation for volunteers; volunteer house, hostel facility and host family. Any of these accommodation types is a well selected place with all the basic amenities required to make your stay an interesting and successful. You will share large room with at least one other volunteer or at most 2 other volunteers. You will find enough space for socialising and exchange.

Trying a variety of foods from other cultures can be fun and a challenge, and is part of Project Africa’s philosophy for an authentic experience in Ghana.  Food on the PAV Program generally reflects the local cuisine. Some foods that are part of a regular diet at home may not be available.  Vegetarians can be accommodated.  Participants with more specific dietary requirements may need to supplement the included meals at their own expense. Participants with food allergies (e.g., nuts) must ensure that PAV is aware of the existence and severity of the allergy.  Participants must include dietary information on the Application or email it to the PAV office where necessary.

Three meals per day are provided on the Volunteer Project. Meals may be provided by Project Africa, host family or prepared/planned by the participants.

However, Volunteers who will want to cater for their own meals will be guided by our in country staff to any restaurant or food joint of the volunteer`s own choice.

Which vaccinations will I require?

The vaccinations you require will depend on which vaccinations you have had previously.

Do I need to be able to speak the local language?

Is never a requirement for a volunteer to be able to speak in one Ghanaian language before volunteering in Ghana with Project Africa? Fluency in English is adequate for a volunteer in Ghana. However, as part of cultural exchange and friendship, PAV volunteers are provided with basic language lessons during their orientation and when their volunteering projects are on course. The more you can speak and converse in the local language, the more you will be able to immerse yourself into the program with the locals and local culture too.

Traveling and Sightseeing

Can I go traveling and sightseeing during the weekends of my volunteer program?

At Project Africa Vision we believe an important aspect of any PAV volunteer is the sightseeing and tours that volunteers can do outside of their volunteer work. Although we believe a PAV volunteer trip is the most authentic way to experience Ghana through living and working with locals, we also understand that many of our volunteers wish to visit and experience sites like regular travelers. At Project Africa, we encourage you to take time out from your volunteer work to travel on weekends and explore Ghana through our Ghana volunteer’s tour program. This is a carefully designed program to promote cultural understanding and tourism. We provide excursion across the length and breadth of Ghana to all our volunteers who wish to see all the wonders Ghana as a country has to offer. You will have the opportunity to sign up to this program when you come. You can read more about this interesting and unforgettable experience at our Tour Ghana page.

What do my fees pay for?

Registration Fee (non-refundable after payment) – ongoing support from Project Africa Vision staff, program marketing costs, information pack, administration costs, Project Africa Vision Fund, travel costs to inspect programs and communication costs with volunteers.

Program Fee – (refundable if you decide not to come) – airport pick-up, orientation, program supervision, accommodation and meals during volunteer program period, in-country 24/7 volunteer support and in-country administration costs, as well as Project Africa Vision Charity programs

What additional costs will I have?

Visa, flights, travel insurance (if necessary), vaccinations, transfer back to the airport at conclusion of program, souvenirs, in-country trips or tours and other personal things you may need.

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