Terms and Conditions of Service

Please read the Terms and Conditions of Project Africa Vision carefully before submitting your online booking form. By clicking on the box besides the words ‘I have read and agree to the Project Africa legal terms and conditions’ in the online booking application form, you agree to the following terms and conditions.


The volunteer is solely responsible for arranging and paying for their own travel, specifically including all airfares or other transport costs to and from the Ghana as well as any local transport costs. It is the responsibility of the volunteer to carry all necessary documents when traveling abroad. While Project Africa Vision may advise the volunteer on required travel documentation, Project Africa is not responsible for any supporting documents necessary for the volunteer’s travel needs or other purposes. Volunteers are responsible for ensuring their travel documents are up to date and valid for travel. (Please inform Project Africa Vision of Your travel plans so we can coordinate your arrival and departure with the other members of the team.)


Project Africa does not provide the volunteer with insurance of any kind. Travel insurance is mandatory for each volunteer, and the volunteer will purchase this prior to departing on the trip. The volunteer is solely responsible for evaluating and determining the type, extent and levels of any insurance coverage they need or desire for their planned volunteer travel period.  This must cover their entire travel period.

Refund Policy

Compared to similar companies that provide comparable comprehensive volunteer service opportunities, Project Africa’s registration and program fees are significantly less than the fees charged by other such organisations and volunteers are encouraged to compare Project Africa vision’s fees to the fees charged by other similar companies. As a consequence, Project Africa is therefore unable to provide and does not provide a refund of registration fee paid.

Program Fees

Details of our fees are set out on our website. The program fee is nonrefundable and it is paid when the volunteer arrives in Ghana. However, volunteers who want to pay or transfer the program fee online to PAV before arrival should contact PAV for details of how the transaction can be done.

Project Africa Vision reserves the right to revise the program fee at any time. All program fee revisions will be made via the Project Africa Vision’s website. Program fee revisions are not applicable to volunteers who have already submitted their online booking before the revisions are due to take effect.

Registration Fees

Details of the registration fees are set out on our website. Because registration fees are paid to Project Africa Vision, they are not refundable and non-transferrable.  Program fees paid through PAV by means of online payment, bank or wire transfer will need to have transaction costs covered by the volunteer. The non-refundable, non-transferable Registration fee must be submitted with the PAV Program Agreement in order to participate on a Program.  Upon receipt of the completed Agreement and non-refundable, non-transferable registration fee, PAV will reserve a place in a program.  Participant will then receive an Allocation confirmation by email. A volunteer’s placement on a program cannot be confirmed until registration fee has been paid in full.


Change of Dates and Duration

Once registered and before they begin their trip, the volunteer is entitled to change their start date and duration once, at no additional cost.


If Participant has a pre-existing or current medical or psychological condition, limitation and/or allergies, Participant must advise the PA office at the time of submitting a PAV Program Application, or at any time by email.

Personal Risks

The volunteer acknowledges and accepts the responsibilities and risks associated with their choice to travel to, temporarily reside in, and provide volunteer services in a foreign country. Such travel and volunteer work can be hazardous and involves a certain degree of risk, inherently dangerous activities and personal perils to the volunteer, both foreseen and unforeseen, all of which are fully accepted by and solely assumed by the volunteer. Therefore, PAV including any and all of its employees, managers, partners, shareholders, host families and independent local team are not liable, to the maximum extent of the law, for any loss or harm the volunteer or associates may suffer, including but not limited to loss caused directly or indirectly by;  Personal injury, Emotional injury, Death, Illness or disease, Damage to or loss of property, Natural disasters, Hostage situations and War or terrorism.


The volunteer agrees to indemnify PAV and the independent local team against any and all liability which PAV or the independent local team incurs arising directly or indirectly out of, or in connection (in any way) with, the volunteer’s travel to, living in and providing services in Ghana.

Drug and Alcohol Use

The volunteer must abide by the rules put in place by the independent local team, volunteer placement institution, and the host family in regards to alcohol consumption. Drug use (unless prescribed by a doctor) is strictly prohibited and will result in instant dismissal from the program with no refund.

Privacy Policy

PAV and the volunteer agree to the conditions laid out in the Privacy Policy.

Privacy Policy

PROJECT AFRICA VISION (PAV) collects personal information through an application form on its website and via direct communications with volunteers. PAV respects and protects the privacy of website users and any personal information collected is used solely for the reasons it was given. Personal information is only used by PAV and our local teams for the purpose of providing volunteer support. Where a volunteer applies using a school or university email address, or indicates that they are a student of an educational institution, we reserve the right to share your name, contact details and program details with this institution. The sharing of personal information in these instances is solely for the purpose of promoting volunteer safety and supporting institutional insurance requirements. We do not provide personal information obtained through our website to other third-parties unless written permission is given.

Although we try our best, PAV does not guarantee that website visitors will have uninterrupted or error-free access to, and use of our website. We also can’t guarantee that any files that are able to be downloaded are error-free and free from viruses or other defects. All website users need to rely on their own judgement in relation to the accuracy, completeness and suitability of all content on the PAV website.


The volunteer agrees to comply with the independent local team’s code of conduct and waiver.

PAV reserves the right to notify the emergency contact appointed by the volunteer in the event that the volunteer is dismissed from the program, and in other circumstances deemed appropriate by PAV.

PAV reserves the right to use feedback and images provided or shared by volunteers for marketing and promotion purposes.

To the full extent permissible at law, all representations, terms, warranties, guarantees, or conditions whether implied by statute, common law or custom of the trade or otherwise, including, but not limited to, implied warranties and guarantees, are excluded. This website is presented solely for the purpose of promoting PAV services. This site is controlled and operated by PAV from its offices in Ghana

Those who choose to access this site from other locations do so on their own initiative and are responsible to the extent local law is applicable.

PAV reserves the right to change these Terms and Conditions or the services it offers from time to time.

PAV reserves the right to refuse acceptance to any application.

Community Project Donations Policy

It is not compulsory for a volunteer to donate. Your donation will be used for the benefit of the community you designate. You can donate online to any of Project Africa Vision`s ongoing programs throughout the year. Your contribution is greatly appreciated, and will be directed to the program or purpose you specify.

However, we ask that you do not donate directly to individuals, families or our community partners. There are many pressing needs in the communities we serve, and these needs sometimes give rise to volunteers’ desire to independently donate financially to individual residents. While on the surface this can seem generous, in fact, direct donations to individuals most often cause great difficulty in a community and therefore are specifically prohibited by Project Africa in order to avoid inequities or appearances of favoritism. Further, donations to host organizations or community partners independent of Project Africa have been very disruptive. Both actions risk Project Africa Vision’s ongoing development partnership. We ask you to trust us on this. We’ve been engaged in community development for years and we know all too well the unintended consequences that can be caused by even the best of intentions

We inform volunteers of the host community’s work projects donation needs, along with material donations that can be delivered by volunteers and used during the service program.

If you are interested in donating funds or materials to a host community or home, we will work with you to ensure that your contribution is appropriately distributed. Please contact us prior to your service program to arrange for your donation. If you’re not currently scheduled for a service program and would like to donate needed materials to a host community, please contact us to discuss the options available to you.


You will not sue or bring any action against Project Africa Vision because of the negligence of PAV. You will not sue or bring any action against PAV because of the negligence or intentional acts of anyone else. If anyone, e.g., you, a family member, spouse, etc., sues or brings any action against PAV, or because of the negligence of PAV, or because of the negligence or intentional acts of anyone else, You and Your estate shall indemnify and hold harmless PAV from all claims, judgments and costs, including reasonable attorney’s fees. You may sue or bring action for intentional acts, gross misconduct or gross negligence caused by PAV.

Governing Law

These terms and conditions and the service provided pursuant to these terms and conditions will be governed by the laws of Ghana. And the parties submit to the non – exclusive jurisdiction of the Ghana Courts.

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