Why PAV?


Project Africa Vision has developed a reputation as Ghana`s leader in affordable volunteer travel, with hundreds of volunteers traveling to Ghana every year through us. By working directly with hospitals, clinics, physically challenged and Orphanage homes, rural Communities, schools, and touring organizations in Ghana, we are able to keep our fees low and ensure these go towards meaningful community projects and local employment.


Project Africa Vision assumes full responsibility of your volunteering experience in Ghana once you register with us. We are responsible for guiding you and providing you with the necessary and required services and materials needed to make your volunteering a success in Ghana.


From your first point of contact with Project Africa Vision until the time you finish your volunteer program, you will receive dedicated support and service from us. Once you register with Project Africa Vision, you will receive information, documents and tips you may need. Project Africa Vision Manager is directly responsible for making your program arrangements and helping you to prepare for your experience in Ghana. Once you reach Kotoka Airport in Accra, Project Africa Vision staff will become your main point of contact until the day you depart your program.


Volunteer safety is a top priority of Project Africa.  Our volunteers are placed with trustworthy institutions, organizations and families that have all been screened and accepted by Project Africa Vision. Project Africa Vision provide volunteers with 24 hour security and our staff members provide escort service for volunteers to places where necessary. We provide this support, advice and Ghana safety guidelines through face-to-face briefings delivered by PAV when you arrive in Ghana.


In addition to forming everlasting friendships with staff of Project Africa Vision, host families and the people they meet and assist while volunteering, our volunteers also form strong bonds with their fellow volunteers. Although they come from diverse cultures and backgrounds, the experiences that volunteers share forge strong ties that can last a lifetime.


Project Africa Vision seeks to provide the support a volunteer requires to help realize his\her ambition. Whether your stay is a short or a long one, Project Africa Vision will ensure that you make a valuable contribution to support the long-term development goals of your intended project or program as well as that of Project Africa Vision.

Loyalty and Trustworthy

Loyalty and trustworthy are one of the foundations that Project Africa Vision has been built on. We believe every penny donated by a volunteer is hard earned and therefore they are efficiently and effectively channeled to the intended project or program. This allows us to make a long-term contribution to the social needs and economic prosperity of the rural communities, institutions, homes where our volunteers are placed.


At Project Africa Vision we recognize that there is more to an awesome volunteer travel experience than simply volunteering. While we maintain a strong focus on providing interesting and memorable volunteerism with our top quality and well-structured programs, we also understand that many PAV volunteers are first-time travelers and want to make time for sightseeing and exploring. To ensure that you get the most out of the Ghana experience, PAV staffs have established partnerships with local travel companies to provide our volunteers with access to trustworthy travel and tour activities. View Volunteer Tour Ghana

To learn more about the volunteer programs provided by Project Africa Vision, visit our Program page.    Ready to get started?