Physically Challenge Initiative and Orphanage

Volunteers and interns under this project works in some selected physically challenge and orphanage homes in the Ashanti and Brong Ahafo regions of Ghana. This project aims to inspire hope and motivation to the physically challenge and orphans to take up responsible roles.

In this our part of the world, most handicapped and orphans have a mentality that there is no hope for them in life, they mostly take to the street begging for alms to make a living, without considering their God given potentials and what they can learn to do or improve their lives to become self-reliant without being a burden to their families and society.

The government alone cannot handle this situation unless individuals, organizations, NGOs intervene. Some individuals and organizations both local and foreign have taken some of this responsibilities upon themselves to help and support these physically challenged and orphans by providing homes, security, training and apprenticeship, education to better their lives to make them very responsible for their families and the society in general.

Project Africa share this great passion by creating a platform for interns, volunteers, young professional and donor agencies and NGOs interested in this project to go to these homes to assist, inspire, motivate, train and nurture their God given potentials, talents and interests of these people. Intern and interested volunteers are assign to one of the physically challenge and orphanage homes located in the Ashanti or Brong Ahafo regions of Ghana to spend some time there with the people. Volunteers are involved in activities such as teaching, giving motivational talks, organizing games, sharing life stories, supporting studies etc. This project also focuses on the financial sustainability of the selected physically challenged and orphanage homes. Therefore, there are series of initiatives such as animal farms, crop production, on large scale, libraries and ICT centers for the homes are underway.

we welcome donations (either monetary or in kind) and sponsorships of any kind from any interested volunteer, intern, organizations, NGOs, etc. to help support these projects and various initiatives.