Religious Missions

When we say making a difference in a big world what we mean is making a real difference in all areas where possible. One typical problem facing this whole wide world is the issue of religious differences which is causing severe conflicts and instabilities in certain parts of the world. As our mission suggests, Project Africa Vision serves as an assembly point for diverse culture, therefore different people from different religious backgrounds come together for a common goal. To achieve our vision of building sustainable future and international unity, then there is the need to understand and accept other people` s           religions and cultural background. Everyone holds different views and theology: some people have a very strong, personal faith, others have not yet made any commitment at all; some are firmly committed to one denomination or tradition, others are open to several. What all volunteers share is the desire to move forward in their Christian faith: to be honest about what’s good or bad, easy or difficult, helpful or painful and thus to find out more about the reality of God. Take an active part in conferences and other activities, including the worship, discussions and studies. On most religious volunteer programs you will be expected to take seriously the commitments of exploring faith.

These are some of the reasons why it is very necessary to Participate in Religious mission in Ghana

  • Commit to and invest in a particular community
  • Understand and serve its needs
  • Learn to let God to move in and through you
  • Take risks and step outside of your comfort zone
  • Brow and develop new skills
  • Gain work, leadership, and ministry experience

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