Foreign Investors & Donors Consultation

Project Africa Vision provide consultation for foreign investors, donor agencies, industries and NGOs who want to embark on short, medium or long term project or service in Ghana.

Most investors, companies, NGOs and donor agencies abroad have the desire and passion to invest, donate or sponsor in most and businesses, local organizations, projects, goods and services in Ghana but due to the fear of being scammed, robbed or being disappointed by locals or intermediaries, they         end up being discouraged or sit back.

Project Africa Vision as a registered nonprofit NGO with ID CG054952017 at Registrar’s General department of Ghana as well as Charity number from the Ghana social welfare, can be entrusted with any form of project management, activities required of us by our clients or partners abroad.

We believe that in offering these services, we are eliminating fear and scam, therefore improving economic growth and also contributing to UN Global sustainable development initiative goals.

Our offices are open and welcome foreign investors, donor agencies, NGOs, groups, missionaries or individuals who are willing to establish, invest, evangelize, donate or embark on project(s) or deliver goods and services of any kind in Ghana. We help our clients in the following areas:

  • Establishment of Agricultural Plantations
  • Sourcing and export of Agricultural and medicinal seeds, plants and other raw materials.
  • Connecting foreign investors to genuine business agencies and partners of their interest or field.
  • Managing projects on behalf of sponsors or partners
  • Leading and directing donor agencies, NGOs and organisations to their intended destination or project(s).
  • Lead and guide institutions, organisations, groups and individuals who want to travel and tour Ghana.
  • Lead and manage rural community projects on behalf of sponsors, investors, donors or partners abroad.

Why choose Project Africa Vision

Credibility- Project Africa Vision is a legally registered nonprofit organisation under Ghana business act 1974 at the Registrar’s general department and social welfare departments with incorporation and charity numbers, CG054952017 and C0008025827 respectively.

Trust and Originality– Our board of directors and trustees are renowned individuals working and occupying higher positions in reputable government and private organizations in Ghana.

Accountability– At project Africa, we believe that in providing these services, we are affecting the society positively, therefore our deeds, actions and operations are very clear to our partners, clients and or sponsors. We provide vivid explanations and written reports to our partners or clients on a project or any activities that we embark or undertake on behalf of our partners or clients.

By choosing to partner or work with Project Africa Vision, your company or organisation is directly fulfilling its corporate social responsibilities and improving lives whiles also contributing to the UN Global Sustainable development initiatives.

For more information and enquiry, please feel free to