Youth Empowerment

This program is purposely designed to help lift African youth especially the youth in deprived and less endowed communities who have the will to take responsibilities in leading and helping community development and sustainability. The program features social leaders, religious leaders, mentors, traditional leaders, local and international leaders and organisations who have the passion to develop Africa by impacting on future leaders. Any individual, group or organisations who want to contribute to PAV youth and entrepreneurship empowerment program are always welcomed. Project Africa Vision aims to improve opportunities for people in underprivileged communities through better education, health, sanitation, Agriculture and sustainable development.

Project Africa Vision partners projects rely on the support of volunteers and donor organisations around the world. PAV aims to contribute to the UN Sustainable Development Initiative by

  • Empowering the African youth to take on leadership roles
  • Promoting education and reducing illiteracy
  • Eradicating Child labour
  • Establish youth entrepreneurship incubation centers for several communities.
  • Development of new successful entrepreneurs in the Ghana, Africa and the world in general.
  • To make the youth discover their potentials.
  • Promote economic growth

Capacity building—thus, to enhance skills that will help individuals and communities fight poverty through the provision of business training and consultancy, mentoring and funding for small scale rural enterprises.

You can support this project or other PAV valuable programs in West Africa in three different ways.

  1. Become a PAV volunteer
  2. Partner with PAV through sponsorship
  3. Make a donation towards one of PAV’s projects

For more information and enquiries, feel free to contact us